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Eleveight RS

Eleveight RS

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Massive hangtime & effortless upwind travel.


The flagship Eleveight RS V8 kite stands out with its versatility and performance.


The kite offers easy freeride performance suitable for all riding styles and wind conditions. It delivers smooth handling and stability.


One kite suits all. Boost your kitesurfing prowess with the Eleveight RS V8.

The RS adapts to any condition or skill level, ensuring a confident ride. Its design guarantees responsiveness and stability.

Extraordinary efficiency

The RS’s aerodynamic design allows for a smaller kite quiver. XT Light material enhances performance in lighter winds.

Massive hangtime & effortless upwind travel

Experience thrilling hangtime and easy upwind travel. Improved angle of attack ensures smooth loop recovery.

Fast, agile, and fluid

Dynamic turning and reduced bar pressure improve maneuverability.

New for Eleveight RS V8

Enhancements include improved panel cuts and bridle attachment points for better performance.

Who is it for?

Ideal for riders of all styles. Whether you love big airs or cruising, the RS delivers.


  • Shifted bridle attachment point reduces bar pressure.
  • Adjusted wingtip curvature enhances turning.
  • Altered angle of attack improves loop recovery.
  • Introduction of XT Light material for better performance.
  • New panel cuts and 3D bridle deflector improve efficiency.

Available at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized Eleveight dealer

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