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Eleveight XS V5

Eleveight XS V5

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Freeride – Big Air – Freestyle Wakestyle – Progression – Foil – Wave


Introducing the Eleveight XS V5, engineered for extreme Big Air adventures and designed to push the limits of kitesurfing.

Elevate your experience with explosive lift and extended hangtime, perfect for adrenaline junkies seeking the ultimate thrill.

Performance Features:

  • Unleashes explosive lift and extends hangtime
  • Achieves maximum loop speed with direct, controllable flight characteristics
  • Ensures stability even during the most extreme Big Air boosts
  • Provides massive grunt for unparalleled jumps in any condition
  • Boasts a bombproof construction for unrivaled durability

This high-performance kite boasts maximum loop speed and direct, controllable flight characteristics, ensuring stability even during the highest Big Air boosts. Its bombproof construction guarantees durability, with sizes ranging from 7 to 14 and a selection of vibrant colors.

The Eleveight XS V5 redefines Big Air with a modified angle of attack, delivering raw power and enabling radical maneuvers with ease. Additionally, its efficient design, featuring a flattened arc and optimal canopy curve, enhances hangtime and responsiveness, making it the ideal kite for riders of all levels.

Moreover, new improvements in V5 include enhanced canopy tension and panel cuts for a cleaner profile. This results in reduced bar pressure for improved balance and a 3D bridle deflector for added kite protection.

This kite is a must-have for radical riders, celebrated by our Team Riders worldwide for its versatility in freestyle and wave riding. Whether you crave powerful megaloops or extended hangtime, the XS V5 is your rocketship of choice.

Ride with confidence across various disciplines, from freeride to foiling, and experience stability, power, and control like never before.

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