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Airush AK Phazer V4

Airush AK Phazer V4

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Carving oriented shape with a surf outline.
Convex nose area for soft touchdowns.
Hard release tail for early planing.

From surfing to pumping, to all-around kite foil cruising and progressive winging, the Phazer foilboard is an ultra-versatile performance foilboard designed to maximize your time on the water. The perfect companion for foiling at every level, each size is optimized to cater to a wide range of users across categories, with a consistent feel underfoot making it easier to size up or down.

30 / 36 / 46 / 55 / 65 / 76 / 90 / 110 / 140L

Key Updates
∙ Narrower tail, increased tuck, and longer relative waterline for improved glide.
∙ Increased tail rocker and nose rocker for improved touch downs.
∙ 4’0” / 25L size discontinued.
∙ 5’1” / 55L size added to range. ∙ 5’3” / 65L updated to 5’2” / 65L

Packing a surprising amount of float into such a short length reduces the swing weight, keeping the board easy to pump and turn. The volume is optimized for stability and works with the high apex rail to keep the board as nimble as possible.

The slight nose kick prevents the board from pearling with enough curve to recover touch downs. The flat tail rocker maximizes paddle speed to help you get into waves early. It also ensures the foil angle is always 90 degrees when flying, helping to trim and maintain a balanced ride.
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