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Airush Freewing Air Team

Airush Freewing Air Team

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• New Exclusive Ultra X Canopy
• High Pressure Ho’okipa Airframe
• Modular Handle System
Next-generation canopy development features a traditional woven canopy enhanced with an ultra-light PE mesh to carry the primary load. More performance, more durability, lighter weight.

Understanding Ultra X
In pursuit of superior performance, lightweight and durability we developed the next generation composite canopy materials. The Ultra X canopy features a traditional woven canopy base layer for packability, which is laminated to an ultra-light weight film to limit any stretch and increase performance.
Sandwiched between these layers we added the super strong Micro X Load Frame, preventing deformation along the bias — which is prone to stretching. The primary loads from the canopy are supported through a lightweight Ultra PE mesh. The 200D Ultra PE fibres also increases overall durability and reduces the chances of tears in the canopy. This revolutionary new canopy material is exclusive to FreeWing.
Low stretch
Ultra responsive Durable & lightweight

Provides consistent power delivery and excellent flagged-out stability. Also, more stability and lift from the canopy in maneuvers, making tacking and gibing a dream.

The leading edge features a slight dihedral to maintain significant power whilst gaining better stability when the wing is flagged out.

The leading edge features our innovative Modular Handle System, allowing the flexibility to switch between a soft and hard handle. The reinforced mount base offers direct feedback to the rider, allowing for better steering when the wing is flagged out, enhancing maneuverability and having ultimate control when wave riding and down winding.

Reduced diameter high pressure leading edge with lower weight, reduces drag when flagged out and allows for a higher angle of attack going upwind or riding at higher speed. Thin optimized wingtips reduce drag, enhancing stability for a smoother glide.

Ho’okipa is a unique composite built with a reliable woven structure, supercharged through Ultra PE fibers, which are 32x stronger than polyester at the same weight. This tensile strength allows a Ho’okipa leading edge & strut to be inflated to significantly higher pressures, creating the best combination of strength, stiffness and lightweight on the market.
Ho’okipa Ultra PE – by Challenge Sailcloth Developed in conjunction with Challenge Sailcloth, this unique woven composite is the result of exhaustive development and testing, to find the optimum balance between responsiveness, lightweight and long-term performance.
Traditional Ultra PE materials relied on a high percentage of films, coatings or glues to stabilize the material. The outcome of this was that these materials were strong, but either needed complicated seam constructions, had a limited amount of structural fiber (for their given weight), or had inconsistent strength and distribution throughout the fabric.
Hookipa Ultra PE takes a reliable woven structure and supercharges the material through the use of Ultra PE instead of traditional polyester fabric.
The high structural amount of material has allowed us to optimize all areas of the construction resulting in that beautiful blend of responsiveness, light weight and durability.
Incredibly, the most high-performance fabric we have ever developed, it comes with a reduced environmental impact as Hookipa Ultra PE is made up of 48% recycled content by weight.

Understanding Ultra PE Ultra PE fiber is a super-strong, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber that offers maximum strength with minimum weight — 10x stronger than dacron.
The Ho‘okipa airframe can be inflated to significantly higher pressures with a lower diameter leading edge, creating a rigid & sleek drag profile.

A high-pressure seam construction tolerates higher PSI in the airframe, improving the wing's stiffness, responsiveness and overall performance.

The back handle does not need to be as pulled in and allows for a more extended arm position, increasing overall comfort and balance.

The first wing handle system of its kind allows switching between soft and hard handles both on the strut and leading edge, personalizing your wing.

The new Carbon Pre-Preg Handle delivers precise control & direct response at the lightest weight possible. The shaft is constructed with uni-directional pre-impregnated carbon and reinforced nylon anti-twist mounts. The short 200mm weighs only 100 grams, while the longer 330mm weighs just 120 grams. We didn’t stop at making the lightest handle on the market, it needed grip. The carbon handle also features a molded 3.5mm textured grid finish for non-slip control. The lightweight handle ensures the wing floats effortlessly when set in the neutral position for the ultimate wingfoil performance when surfing waves or down winding. Air Team is supplied with teh carbon handle as standard.

The Firm-Flex Grip Handle offers a perfect blend of the stability and connectivity of a hard handle, with the safety and compact design of a soft handle. The secret is the unique internal injection molded nylon core; this part features anti-twist inserts points which lock the handle into place, keeping the wing firm in your hands and creating a direct connection. This part remains flexible during impact, preventing damage to your board or to the rider in the case of impact. This also allows the wing to be easily packed preventing any potential damage to the wing during storage and travel. The molded nylon core features rounded edges as a first step. The handle is then padded inside and outside with ergonomically molded EVA, which is then wrapped in our unique pre-treated webbing for comfortable grip and features a new anti-roll stitching for increased handle stability. The firm flex handle is an optional extra (not supplied)

Premium wing bag features a pump-strap mount system and a wide opening for easy packing & unpacking of the wing, with additional inner pockets for handles and accessories. Keep your water bottle close or quickly stash items in the side pocket. Designed with mesh ventilation.

Each leash complements the strut‘s length when stretched out to prevent entanglement during wipeouts, & recoils back to have a leash that is as short as possible when riding.
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