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Airush Freewing GO, Phazer V3, AK Tracer

Airush Freewing GO, Phazer V3, AK Tracer

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Freewing GO

This is the Multidiscipline freewing built to be the easiest to use, with the biggest power range and most compact outline in the range. Quite powerful for it's size, balanced and extremely neutral it is easy to balance against at sub flight speeds, has a low span for it's size to prevent tip strikes and aid handling. Built with a robust and durable window for maximum visibility it is designed o be the easiest freewing in the range to use.

Phazer V3

This much revered test winning carbon foilboard is a cornerstone of the foiling industry. Durable, yet incredibly light for maximunm pitch control, it has good rocker flat ensuring the lowest power take-off for their size. Volume distribution that ensures you have the same stance at rest and at flight. Curved outline for minimal touchdown during aggressive carves and higher power manoeuvres. It's one if not the most allround and performant boards you can buy.

Tracer Hydrofoil

The new Tracer foil brings a beautiful balance of efficiency, pitch control and manoeuvrability. It's extremely efficient in glide, yet very agile around corners without being at all difficult to ride. It's part of a large high quality cross compatible modular foil system that allows you to take your riding in many different future directions.
Front wing sizes range from 1900 down to 850, and quivers can be built usually with a size in between. learning on a 1900 will bring you a 1300 as the next step down wing. The 850 and 1000 are also very capable kite foil wings.

Rear Stabiliser Choices

- 340 Moustache - The easiest and most popular rear stab. Best with the medium and larger front wings giving the most stable pitch and yaw control.
- 300 Moustache - Easy handling characteristics for smaller front wings.
- 260 Moustache - For the smallest wings and lightest riders
- 300 Arc Down - More efficient stabiliser for medium to small front wings that allows more yaw slip, works well with the Plasma.
- 260 Arc Down - Same as above for the smallest plasma and lightest riders.
Please note that the AK foils have a sliding adjustable mount on the stab so you can alter the power of the stabiliser and balance the foil according to your exact foot weighting preference.

Fuselage Choice

71cm Fuselage - by far the most popular and not a long fuselage in the grand scheme of things. Manoeuvrable with good pitch control, it's the allrounder.
61cm Fusealge - shot and agile for expert use. The fastest carving and most reactive of the two fuselages, but makes pitch stability highly reactive and a handful for all but experts.

Mast Length

- Aluminium 60/70/80/95cm. All alloy masts need an alloy mast plate to mount to the board.
- Carbon 80,90,105 - no mast plate needed, all 0 degree.

Alloy plate angle

The AK alloy masts use an alloy plate with two different angles; - 0 degree which is the standard mounting angle - 1.5 degree, which will raise the nose of the board by 1.5 degrees for high speeds, steep waves at the expense of non foiling efficiency.

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